Who We Are

Who We Are

Leisure Training Ireland is a Health, Safety & Aquatic training company based in Dublin, Ireland.

We deliver courses throughout Ireland in a number of industries.

Our Name

Why "Leisure Training Ireland" ?

Two reasons:
  • We deliver health, safety & aquatic courses to a number of gyms & leisure centres throughout Ireland. Very few health & safety companies can offer health and safety as well as aquatic training courses to leisure centres which means we are a one stop shop for all of your training needs.
  • "Leisure" time is meant to be fun and time spent doing something other then work, we believe that students should look forward to their time on our courses, enjoy the course and have fun. This is why with every course we deliver we ensure that the students feel relaxed and have fun while learning this vital information, we believe when they have fun they also learn more.
Our Clients

The majority of our clients consist of companies within the leisure, hospitality and childcare industry including gyms, hotels, leisure centres, schools and childcare centres.

Although the majority of our clients fall into these industries we have experience training staff in all sectors including construction, retail, restaurants and more.

Our Courses
  • First Aid Response
  • Basic First Aid
  • Paediatric First Aid
  • Sports First Aid
  • First Aid for schools
  • Fire Safety
  • Manual Handling
  • Infection Control
  • Swimming Pool Emergency Response
  • Pool Lifeguard
  • Swimming Teacher
  • Assistant Swimming Teacher

Above is a sample of our courses, we provide a wide range of courses and can also organise bespoke courses depending on your needs. See our full range of courses in our courses section on our website.

Our Training Style

As we mentioned above, we like to deliver every course in a fun and relaxed environment to ensure maximum satisfaction in attending the course.

With every course we like to get some information from you including what industry you are in, what daily tasks you may do and potentially the injuries that are common in your workplace.

The reason we like to gather this information is because we like to tailor every course to be specific to your company.

For example for manual handling, childcare centres may need to concentrate on how to lift tables in the class, gyms may need to focus on lifting the weights and construction sites may need to look at how to carry heavy tools or push a wheel barrow.

In first aid, childcare centres would want to focus on injuries common with children, gyms may want to look closely at fainting and heat exhaustion during classes and construction sites may want to look at how to deal with lacerations from being injured with tools.

Every industry is different and we believe it is important that all our clients come out with as much information relevant to their industry as possible.

How to book a course

If you or your company are looking for a course simply contact us for a free quote. all we need to know is the amount of people looking to attend and the course you are looking for.

Even during level 5 we are offering course via zoom and practicals can still go ahead in certain occasions.

We focus more on group bookings however if you are looking for a course for yourself let us know as we have a small number of public courses throughout the year.

Email us today for your free quote.


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